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About: I'm a proud sister of Delta Omicron Pi with a passion for lame jokes and I always cry at sad movies. I'm an opera singer trying to save the world, one song at a time. I totally geek out over the little things, and I'm secretly a hopeless romantic who believes all things can be solved with rock, paper, scissors. If you want to get to know me, just drop a note in my ask! I love making new friends!

The Many Faces of Me :)





if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

why don’t you go where fashion sits


i hate this

putin on the ritz

When my office bestie and I spot a hot new guy at our work


When my friend points out a hot girl to me

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Comparing your relationship to Romeo and Juliet to express how in love you are is kind of like using Hamlet to demonstrate how close and well-adjusted your family life is

*laughs tastefully*

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When I say I’m starving and someone reminds me that I just ate recently


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American Horror Story, suprising bitches every year

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every Doctor Who theme at once


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last year one night me and my old roommates were all playing twister and mike was on the spinner and halfway through the game he kind of mumbled to himself “i sure hope im calling these right” and then everyone in the room simultaneously remembered that mike was colorblind

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